Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baking Day Part One Recap and Day Two Plan

I had a fairly productive day today even with Little Boy being all over the place. I managed to get everything but the French toast and pumpkin bread made. I ended up with about two dozen pancakes, six sub rolls, and two loaves of banana bread.

Tomorrow's plan is as follows:
Pumpkin Bread
Dinner rolls made from Phoebe's fabulous French bread recipe
Maybe some refried beans. I know the aren't technically a baked good but hey they are better made ahead.
Lemon bread if I have enough eggs. Can't remember how many I have.
The French toast will probably wait until Thursday.

I should have pictures tomorrow afternoon since I only have little boy until a little after one. I will probably have another full list including granola bars on Thursday after I get milk, eggs and baking soda.

Once again if you'd like to follow the action on twitter search for the hashtag #bakingday

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