Monday, March 1, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things I Hear on a Daily Basis

So after finding out there was already a top ten Tuesday I decided to quit my never really got off the ground top twenty Tuesday. Anyway ten things are much easier to come up with. Without further babbling from me here are the top ten things I hear everyday:
  1. “What’s for supper?” Mom and Dad
  2. “What time is supper going to be done?” M & D again.
  3. Did you make dessert? M & D yet again.
  4. “I want M candy.”  The nephew
  5. “Sing had a farm e-i-e-i-o.” The nephew once more
  6. “No Mommy, no sister. I want to stay at Mimi’s house.” If you guess the nephew you are correct.
  7. “Mimi!” The nephew again
  8. “I want tea.”  and again
  9. “Where’s my cup?”  and yet again.
  10. The tenth, final and most often heard courtesy of my two year old nephew- “Why?”
This post is linked Top Ten {Tuesdays} hosted this week by It’s Come 2 This for OhAmanda
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