Monday, May 16, 2011

Favorite Girl Names

I’ve had a fascination with names since I was about 13. I think it is because my name is so unusual. I used to compile lists that were two pages or longer in length. I’m not that obsessed fascinated anymore but I still keep a mental list of names I like. It comes in really handy for playing the Sims 2 and writing stories.

  1. Zoey I think this is my all-time favorite girl name, Just unique enough that there aren’t a million Zoeys running around.
  2. Claire This is one of the names from the original list and has been on it in all the incarnations. Claire was a book character’s name. Disliked the character, loved the name.
  3. Nina Came from the same book as Claire and if I remember correctly they were sisters. I did like Nina.
  4. Laurel I love the way it sounds
  5. Eleanor or Elinor I cannot figure out which spelling I like better.
  6. Eowyn This is the Tolkien fan in me, I suppose.
  7. Lucy Lucy is a very British name to me and that appeals to me.
  8. Ava Ava was the name of a very dear family friend and I think of her every time I see the name.
  9. Audra  I can’t say exactly why I like this name but I really do.
  10. Evangeline Another British to me name.
Does anyone else collect names for stories and computer games?
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