Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Not to Get Overwhelmed Blogging


Help key

Help Key by Petr Kratochvil

In the time I’ve been seriously blogging, which isn’t that long, I have picked up a few tips and tricks that make blogging a little less intimidating.

Give Days a Theme

On Cookin’ Mimi, Mondays are when my menus are published, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are recipe days, and Friday is Recipe Round-Up. I don’t post on Saturday and Sunday unless something unusual has happened.

On this blog, Tuesdays are the top ten list,Wednesdays are my Simple Pleasures post, Fridays are for my 3 in 30 check in and Saturdays my weekly linkage is posted. Sunday and Monday are my free days here.

You don’t have to get quite as structured as I am but having at least a general idea is helpful.

Editorial Calendars Are Crucial

Editorial Calendar

I used to be a write what pops into my head blogger. That doesn’t work so well for me with two blogs. By having an editorial calendar set up I can fill in ideas I have for posts.  Each blog has its own color and I can easily see what post needs to be written and when it needs to be finished.

If you are on Wordpress (self-hosted) there is an editorial calendar plug-in and if you aren’t it is really easy to set one up on Google Calendars.

Schedule Time Off

You have days off with any other job and blogging should be no different. I take Sundays completely off from blogging and do minimal blogging and social media on Saturdays and Mondays. An occasional media fast helps as well.

Keep a Running List of Post Ideas

I have done a better job of this with my food blog. I use the notepad on my smart phone with recipes I want to make. The post ideas don’t have to be very detailed, just something to get the ball rolling.

Find Two or Three Resources to Read

There are a multitude of how to be a better blogger forums and blogs out there.  My suggestion to you is to find a couple of resources that have good content for any size and stage blog.

My recommendations are:

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