Friday, March 30, 2012

March Goals Final Update and April Goals


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This month has flown by. Hard to believe it’s almost April which means lovely sunny days and gorgeous blooms. I am so excited to share my progress on March’s goals:

Fill-in Food Blog Editorial Calendar:

Done. I have every post for the next three months planned out.It took a bit longer than I expected but that has to do with the fact I fancied it up a bit. Plain Excel Spreadsheets are rather drab and I like color. (As if you can’t tell from the blog)

Birthday Party Goodies:

Done sort of: As I mentioned last week the plan changed from me making the decoration for store bought cupcakes to just buying premade cupcakes. That turned out to be a really good thing since we had to bump the party back an hour or so and they would have melted in the 80+ degree weather.

Read Through Proverbs:

Done. Yay. While I didn’t accomplish my original goal of one book a day I did read the entire book this month.

April Goals:

My overall goal for April is to work smarter not harder. This blog has been on the back burner for months because the food blog takes up so much of my blogging time. I’m still trying to figure out what the vision for this blog which I think is a contributing factor to the infrequent updates as well. With that in mind here are my April goals:

Set Office Hours:

Instead of hopping on the computer off and on all day I am going to have set hours everyday to do things like Facebook and Twitter. It will mean more scheduling through apps like Buffer and Hootsuite for Twitter updates but it will free up more time.

Set aside one day each week to write the posts for each blog:

I sort of already do this. I try to get all my food posts scheduled a week ahead of time which help cut down on last minute mishaps. I think setting aside a day for each blog a week where I write as many posts as I can will help with both quantity and quality. Thursdays will be devoted to Cookin’ Mimi and Friday will be my day for here.

Take at least one day a week off:

I plan on Sunday being a day where the Internet doesn’t exist. I’ll avoid the computer, turn the email notifications off , and if I have to I’ll turn the data capabilities off my phone. A complete media fast each week isn’t feasible right now but one or two days of being offline will be a good thing.



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