Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final April Goals Update and May Goals Announcement

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I had no real success with April’s goals but that’s okay I will revisit them another time. If you read last week’s post then you can understand why things didn’t work out so well. On the bright side sometime in the next few days I should have a phone and working oven.

May Goals:

Write an About Me Page.

My about me page has been in dire need of an update for months now so I deleted what I’d written and have slapped“Under Construction” up as a placeholder.

Comment on Seven Blogs a Week

I have gotten bad about not commenting on blogs and I miss doing that. Commenting on blogs is how I have made many of my blogging friends.

Finish the Summer Kick Off Series

This is a must do. I am working with a few other bloggers on a series of ways to kick start summer and it is going on the first week of June so this will be the first thing I accomplish.

3in30 Challenge

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