Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

My heart is broken for the people in Haiti. I cannot begin to imagine what the country is going through.
The Bible tells us, as Christians, we are to bear each other's burdens and this burden weighs heavily on my heart. I may not know the names and stories of the people affected by this tragedy but Christ tells us that whatever we do to "the least of these" we do to Him.
I may not be able to go and work but I can still help. I can give.
I can give the people of Haiti my prayers. This is an absolutely free way to give. All it takes is a little time and faith
I can give money. My family has made a ten dollar donation to the Red Cross. While ten dollars by itself may not be much money but if one thousand people give ten dollars that is ten thousand dollars.
For any Alabama readers I also received an e-mail from my church saying that the Alabama State Board of Missions of the Southern Baptist Convention is taking donations for Haiti. You could probably call your local Baptist association office to find out more.
If ten dollars is too much for your budget even one dollar would help tremendously. The same God that made the young boy's small lunch of loaves and fish multiply to feed thousands of people can make that single dollar multiply in ways we can't imagine.
Many bloggers are pledging their help. Crystal from Money Saving Mom
has a list of those who are pledging donations for comments and blog links
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