Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 3 in 30 : Week Two Check-In

3in30 I'm In!!
I mentioned last week that I wasn’t doing very well at meeting my goals for the month. I am very happy to report that this week is much better. Still some room for improvement but at least I’m in the ball park this week.

  • My first goal is to go to sleep between 9 and 11 every night.  After a rocky start that is going much better. I just need to stay away from the computer. As a bonus goal my early bed time means an earlier morning which is something I've needed as well.
  • I have cut way back on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of sitting around waiting for updates I’ve been making lists so I can see what I need to read first and the rest as I have time.
  • Keeping my phone off has been the biggest challenge. I enabled the auto on/off function on my phone but I would turn it back on so I started keeping my phone on the other side of the room instead of keeping it in reach. Earth shattering I know.
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