Friday, June 10, 2011

June 3 in 30: Week One Check-in


3in30 I'm In!!

My choices when it came to the goals for this month are a lot smarter than last month. Last month all the goals were so intertwined that if one didn’t work they all went out of whack.

Here is my progress:

  • Make a recipe binder I actually have this one started. I’ve got my meal plan printables in the page protectors. I just need to start printing out recipes.
  • Drink 64  ounces or more of water a day. This is my most difficult goal so far. I forget to drink water until I’ve got a headache. I must remember to fill my cup as soon as I get up.
  • 31 Days to Build a Better Blog has been a blast so far. I’ve networked with some really great food bloggers and I’m learning a lot. Since we aren’t doing the challenges on the weekend this will probably spill over into July.
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