Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time Management & Me : A Love/ Hate Relationship

I love the days when my to-do list goes smoothly and my dishes and laundry are done and out of sight. I hate the work that goes into making those happen. Regardless of how I feel it gets done. Time and household management/organization are two areas that my skills are not as honed as I would like them.
I know it is impossible to get everything I want to do crammed into 24 hours but I also know that I am not working as efficiently as I could. So for the next few weeks in conjunction with my 3 in 30 goals I am going to be sharing my journey.

Resources I Will Be Using

I do a lot of blog reading and have found numerous resources on the subjects of time and household management. I have narrowed my focus to three blogs/blog series.
Next week I’ll be sharing my time budget and my favorite printables
Disclosure: This post does NOT contain affiliate links.
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