Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Linkage

Photo Source

I’m trying to improve my food photography skills to make the most I can out of my well loved point and shoot camera. I have seen some amazing photos taken with P&S cameras so I know it can be done. Because of that I have been reading every article and blog post I can on the subject and The Food Photography and Styling Tips post on $5 Dinners is going really helpful.

Rachel’s post Tiny Bits of Grace is a must read. Be warned though you may need a tissue or two after reading. Her post is a touching reminder of God’s love for us even in the seemingly insignificant things.

Tiffany from Eat at Home is running a series all month long called Drive. Play. Feed. Sport Season Suppers. Even if you don’t have anyone playing sports her suggestions will work for the times when life gets hectic. Say the week or two before Christmas if you’re a last minute shopper like me.

Lastly there are these:

{click pic for recipe}
Mostly because I want some.

What interesting reads have you found this week?

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