Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Goals




I am joining in once again with the 3 in 30 group where I choose 3 goals to conquer in 30 days. For March I have decided to go with concrete, once I’m done I’m done goals. One of these won’t be happening until the end of the month but that is okay.

Fill in my food blog’s editorial calendar

I already have the general themes for the year sketched out in a Word document I just need to fill out my calendar with what goes where and when.

Make goodies for a birthday party

I am making cupcakes, marshmallow pops, and cookies for a 5th birthday this month. I am excited about this.

Read one chapter of Proverbs a day.

Wisdom is a very good thing and we could all use a bit more.


3in30 I'm In!!

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