Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Awesome Posts About Social Media and Blogging

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Posts about social media and blogging can be found all over the place. It can be pretty overwhelming, if  like me, you aren’t especially tech savvy.  I am sharing ten awesome posts about blogging and social media written for “normal people”.
  1. How *I* Write a Blog Post This is a ten post series from that covers her blogging process from editing to promoting. Love the concise, easy to understand chunks of information.
  2. The Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips Blogging with Amy is my go to blog for the newest and greatest social media and blogging tips.
  3. How to Customize what You See on Facebook. I am using lists on Facebook but this post on SavvyBlogging.Net showed me that I am not using them to their fullest potential.
  4. I know many bloggers are lamenting the loss of Picnik. I’ve only used it a handful of times but I use two of the three editing programs {Photoscape and Paint.NET) mentioned in Photography Tips from One Tightwad to Another
  5. To go along with the last post Southern Hospitality shared a tutorial on how to edit your photos using Photoscape
  6. The Info You Need on the Top of Your Blog from Meet Penny. Yes, Yes, and Yes with her observations.
  7. Blogging Productivity Tip: Find Images in Bulk Another great tip from Blogging with Amy. If you don’t subscribe to it already you really should.
  8. How to Become a Twitter Ninja in Less than 30 Minutes a Day. Twitter is probably where I have the most difficulty with engagement.
  9. How to Add Filters to Gmail. This is probably my biggest email timesaver because I can find a much needed email much faster in its own folder than the abyss known as my inbox.
  10. How to Make Money Blogging. This 11 part series from Money Saving Mom covers a ton of ways you can use your blog to make money.
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What are your favorite blog and social media tips for “normal people?”

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  1. Ahh! A whole new resource for help growing my blog. Thanks so much! :)

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