Saturday, February 27, 2010

Once a Month Cooking in March: The Bread, Breakfast and Sides Edition.

We all battled illness during the month so we ate a ton of sandwiches, hot dogs and even fast food. Because of that we still have quite a few things in the freezer from the February menu that I need to use up. The first big cooking day or two will consist of breads, breakfast foods and some side dishes.

Here is what I plan on making:
I will be tweeting some updates during the day on Monday and Tuesday and should have a post each night with my progress if things go according to plan. I will be doing another freezer cooking day after we clear out the freezer of what we bought earlier in the month and we go grocery shopping. I will post when that is going to happen when I know.
    For great hints on Once a Month Cooking visit Crystal at Money Saving Mom and FishMama at Life as Mom

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