Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Linkage

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I've often thought that if Jamie and I had gone to school together we would have been BFFs and this post on Jesus and being green solidified my feelings.
I believe any stuff I have is actually on loan from God so I need to value it like I value Him. That definitely includes the plot of the planet I occupy. {source Jamie’s Rabbits}
I agree with that 111%.

I’ve mentioned Pinterest before and this is why I love it. I was browsing through pinboards and found:

Foil and cardboard as a lighting set up? I’m all over that.

A little self promotion here but I’m not sure who reads my cooking blog and I wanted to share the Cajun dip recipe I posted earlier in the week.

I reuse all our glass jars but I never thought to spray paint the lids. Phoebe’s look is a lot classier than my jars.

Confession time: I don’t actually like S’mores. They are generally too sweet for me but these S’more cookies from Mangoes and Chutney look too good not to try.
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